YES YOU Can Make Authentic French Croissants at Home!

o Make Authentic French Traditional & How to Make French Traditional & Chocolate

How to Make French Traditional &

Chocolate Croissants Video Course

Have you ever dreamt of traveling to Paris to try one of the world’s best flaky and buttery croissants but are short a magical flying carpet?  Well, your wildest dreams can come true with these highly detailed instructional videos. Now you can enjoy France’s (and the world’s) most coveted pastries without leaving your house…no baking experience required!

Master French bakers passed down their knowledge and taught me how to make authentic traditional and chocolate croissants that would be served in the most haute pastry shops around the world.

As a professionally-trained artisan bread and pastry baker, I’ll walk you through the process so you can easily replicate these EPIC pastries and basically feel like the most awesome rockstar baker you’ve ever dreamed of being.

Photos can only teach you so much.  These videos will be as if I’m right there with you in the kitchen.

I LOOOOVED your tutorial!  So easy to follow and they came out amazing!!!  I hope you’ll continue to create more videos in the future!


@bessie.bakes thanks for doing all the work to make it easier for the rest of us! 🙂 Your instructions answered every question I had along the way.  I’ll probably never buy pastries again.

-Bethany M.

Who is this course for?

  • Passionate bakers who want to expand their knowledge and learn to make and unforgettable pastry
  • Anyone wanting to learn a pastry that they will want to pass down from generation to generation
  • Novice cooks and bakers
  • Professionally-trained chefs, bakers, and pastry chefs


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What lessons does this course include?

  1. Ingredients & tools for making croissants
  2. The challenges of making croissants
  3. Making croissant dough
  4. Rolling out the butter book or “beurrage”
  5. Folding butter into the dough
  6. Three folds for flaky layers
  7. Shaping, proofing, and baking croissants
  8. Making croissants in advance: Preserving & Reheating
  9. Receive a downloadable recipe ebook that you can save or print.


WHATauthentic French croissant recipe


After attending The French Pastry School’s Artisan bread and pastry program in Chicago in 2012 I didn’t think I could ever replicate croissants in my home kitchen without professional equipment, but I was determined to nail down the process so that I could teach others how to enjoy the most mouth-watering pastry you’ve ever tried!


This video class takes about 45 minutes from start to finish.   You can watch it from beginning to end, or one video at a time to fit your schedule.  Plus you can always have these videos on hand to guide you while you make your croissants.

Thanks for the very detailed accurate recipe.  For many years I had the experience of so many different methods of preparation.  Always something was going wrong.  The joy of working and the end result certainly worth the effort!

-Sigalit Gerbi


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Become a ROCKSTAR baker!

Bon Appetit Ya’ll,

Leslie Osborne

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